Craft of Tea ~ Superior Artful Blends. As our name implies, we handcraft all loose leaf teas to offer our customers the most premium tea tastes and lifestyle. After researching hundreds of different flavors of teas from all around the world with our tea experts, only those teas with exotic and extraordinary flavors are selected for Craft of Tea!

Our journey started with an idea of people would be able to try as many different flavors of teas as possible in a small sample size to discover what type of teas they like. We believe different people like different flavors of premium teas and it is the best for them to pick their own selection for tea tasting. Once they know what type of teas they like, they can order in bigger sizes. And this is how Craft of Tea was born in the heart of Silicon Valley by a husband and wife team who grew up in Hong Kong and enjoys trying different type of teas while traveling different parts of the world!

We offer the largest variety of teas in a small sample size in our monthly subscription packages and gift boxes. We encourage and allow our customers to make their own selection of teas every month to customize their unique tastes. Currently, we offer over 50 flavors of teas and plan to offer over 100 flavors in the next few months. Hence, there are plenty of premium teas to choose from every month. Customers can order bigger sizes of teas from our website directly. This is perfect for a tea tasting party with friends and families. Subscribe to our tea program and enjoy the tea tasting journey today!