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For all the tea lovers out there, many of you including us have been to some tea lounges or tea shops for tea tasting. Typically, it is something like this: You go in, look at the menu, try a few teas, listen to some tea history, and then at the end you may buy some teas you like. Or, if you subscribe to some tea clubs where they send you 2 to 4 pre-selected teas monthly, you try and see if you like them. Sometimes, you can buy the teas directly from the website, but sometimes they refer you to the other websites to order. This is all great but we believe we can do better and move the tea tasting experience to the whole new level.


We started with a simple idea of letting customers to pick a lot of different premium loose leaf teas they would like to try in a small sample size as we believe different people have different tastes. Once they try and like certain tea flavors, they can order bigger sizes directly from our website. This is how Craft of Tea was born in Silicon Valley by a husband-and-wife team who grew up in Hong Kong and enjoys tea tasting while travelling around the world.


We handcraft all premium loose leaf teas after researching hundreds of teas from all around the world. In our subscription packages and gift boxes, we let customers to pick 8 flavors of premium loose leaf teas every month. Each tea is about 0.5 oz. in zip pouch bag, good enough to serve for 5-7 cups each. Hence, you can enjoy 40-60 cups of great teas each month. Once you like certain flavors, you can order them in bigger sizes directly from our website. Each box also comes with delicious tea cookies and gourmet sugars. We deliver the box directly to your door monthly so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the teas you pick! This is a perfect way for you to not only enjoy the tea tasting experience, but also explore new flavors. As we enter the holidayís season, this is a great idea to host your own tea party spending quality time with friends and families.


What does your tea tasting experience look like? We welcome your feedbacks and comments!

Lisa Pool
Lisa Pool


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